Clean & Dry Wash Club

Price: $14.95

Our Clean & Dry express wash is an incredible value offering a fast, clean and dry vehicle consistently, every time you wash.  Our wash equipment will clean your vehicle utilizing a combination of eco-friendly soaps and detergents, our gentle foam cleaning pads and high pressure water to safely clean your vehicle. Your vehicle will be rinsed using water from our reverse osmosis system that produces spot free rinse water. The water will be blown off your vehicle as you enter our 90HP turbo wind tunnel to get your car a very dry allowing you plenty of time to pull around back and use our FREE industrial vacuum system.

Clean & Shine Wash Club

Price: $21.95

Our Clean & Shine Package is great to get a little extra clean and to protect your vehicle's finish. Everything that the Clean & Dry wash has to offer plus our Triple Foaming Deep Cleaner that helps clean off a little more of that “baked-on” dirt. It’s followed up with our Paint Shine that will add a little sparkle to the your vehicle.


Protect & Shine Wash Club

Price: $26.95

Our Protect & Shine package includes every one of our on-line top quality services and products to help your vehicle “glow”. In addition to all of the services included with our Clean & Shine package your vehicle will also get a special Wheel Brite cleaning solution applied to the wheels to help get all of the nasty brake dust and road film off the wheels. Just after your wheels are relieved of that film we cover your whole vehicle with our Q Hydro-Pel. Q Hydro-Pel uses a specialized polymer system to bond a long lasting protective barrier onto the vehicle’s surfaces. Just before you exit the wash our automated equipment will apply a nice coat of Island Shine Tire Shine to you vehicles tires for that finished look.

Protection Plus Wash Club

Price: $31.95